Episoden kg
1:. The strangest day
2:. The Sohma Curse
3:. All shapes and sizes
4:. Here comes Kagura!
5:. A rice ball in a fruits basket
6:. Invincible friendship
7:. A plum on the back
8:. Don't cry, for the snow will surely melt
9:. A solitary new year
10:. Make it clear if it's black or white
11:. Everybody loves chocolate
12:. White day
13:. A new school term starts!
14:. Yuki's messed-up snake!
15:. There are no memories it's OK to forget
16:. If we've three then we don't need fear jason
17:. It's because I've been loved that I've become stronger
18:. The cursed electric wave brother and sister
19:. The source of cheer can be affected by colds too
20:. Ayame's secret life
21:. Sophist boy has captured the prince
22:. Prince Yuki fanclub
23:. Is the rumored ri that mother's daughter?
24:. The curse of the cat
25:. True form
26:. Let's go home
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